Thursday, July 31, 2008

Can you boil a lobster in butter?

Last night, over a few beers, a group of us were discussing the magic that ensues when lobster meets butter. Someone wondered whether it would be possible (and delicious) to actually cook a lobster by boiling it in butter.
  • One theory was that it is impossible to boil butter - it simply burns too fast.
  • Another theory is that it is possible to do but is prohibitively expensive.
  • A third theory is that is is possible but the lobster would be so infused with butter that you would have a heart attack with a single bite.
As ardent fans of lobsters, butter, and The Internets, we were well near stunned when we searched Google for the phrases "boil lobster in butter" and "boil a lobster in butter" . . . and found zero hits. None. Zilch. Nada. How often does that happen?

Unless someone can provide us with insight, we see no choice but to perform an experiment, in the name of science, to see whether it is possible to cook a lobster by boiling it in butter.

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Laura Y. said...

Had you only used "cook" instead of "boil" your results would have been much more enlightening. There are recipes here (notes that you do not actually want to boil the butter or it will break the emulsion you create in step one of the recipe), here, and here (loooong blog entry, but there are pictures!) for poaching in butter, which essentially amounts to the same thing. All but the first one do tell you to pre-cook the lobster meat slightly by boiling them in water for a few minutes, then poaching in butter to finish the cooking process. The first one has you cook them from raw to done in the butter. No info found on whether you will actually have heart failure from eating these, so you still have a reason to experiment. :)